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Dark Grey Plastic Outdoor Patio Folding Adirondack Chair

Dark Grey Plastic Outdoor Patio Folding Adirondack Chair

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  • [ HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS ] - Our Adirondack Chairs are made of HIPS materials, which are very similar to real wood in appearance but have better durability. Wood chairs can be easily decompose and out of shape, while HIPS materials have a long lifetime and can be used for several years
  • [ PRODUCT SIZE ] - Measure 34-1/4 in. D x 30 in. W x 37-3/4 in. H. Net Weight is 32.2lbs, load-bearing to 350lbs
  • [ EXCELLENT STRUCTURE ] - The sturdy frame provides good support for its wide seat and backrest. The ergonomic design provides good relaxation and relieves the pressure of your neck, back and waist while sitting in it
  • [ OUTSTANDING DURABILITY ] - Completely waterproof / UV resistant / wear resistant; with consistent color, no need to paint; will not fade, crack, warp, peel or rot in the next few years
  • [ STRONG WEATHERABILITY ] - Our Adirondack Chairs are able to withstand various weather conditions such as heat, rain, snow, coastal wind and salt spray
  • [ FOLDABLE PATIO CHAIR ] - Are you still worried about storage? Here comes the collapsible chair! It's convenient to move and store, so don't worry about lack of space in the trunk and garage anymore
  • [ EASY TO MAINTAIN ] - Our Adirondack Chairs can be used outdoors all year round and can be easily cleaned by a soft brush and soapy water



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