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NEEWER CB150 150W Continuous LED Light

NEEWER CB150 150W Continuous LED Light

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  • Powerful Led Bead- 150W LED bead creates stable light resources and even illuminance to guarantee high light brightness. With a 97+ color rendering index, it can present the object as authentically as possible. Built-in 2.4G Remote Control, it is intelligent and convenient to use. 5600K stable color temperature, it can provide natural light and reproduce accurate colors. 13000lux/1M Illuminance, suitable for photographic light filling
  • Solid And Simple Design- With a large-size LCD panel, users can clearly check the working parameters of the light, such as current brightness, channel, and current light temperature. A specialized lamp protect cover prevents LED beads from destroying by touch and collision
  • Intelligent Wireless Control System- Wireless remote control with 10 channels allows you to change settings like brightness and channels; Brightness can be adjusted from 0% to 100% (please note: via the knob on the back of the light or via 2.4G remote control: increments by 1%). Single lights or multiple lights can be controlled intelligently (Set the studio light channel from 1 to 10, the remote control is set to be at "88", and then you can control all the studio lights at the same time)
  • Efficient Heat Dissipate- Premium heatsink and built-in fan create excellent heat dissipation. The temperature control function helps prevent overheating and extends the bead's service life. The heat dissipation system has a small-sound fan that has low noise. Professional light for portrait photography, film photography, wedding photography, YouTube live broadcast, etc
  • High-Cost Performance- Designed with Bowens Mount and umbrella holes, more easily to connect with beam tube, snoot, softbox, umbrellas or other photography equipment


  • CB150 LED Video Light offers high light brightness and color rendering index with powerful LED beads. It creates a stable light resource and even illumination for video recording, photography and wedding shooting, etc. It is suitable for outdoor photography, fill lighting, and children's photography, as it is Continuous Output Lighting, no flash, and it can protect a baby's eyes.
  • Brightness and channel can be adjusted from within 20 meters distance (in an open place) via included remote control.


  • Model: CB150
  • CRI: 97+
  • Power: 150W
  • Illuminance: 13000Lux/1m
  • Color Temperature:5600±200K
  • Brightness: 0%-100%
  • Power Supply: AC110-240V 50/60HZ
  • Working Temperature: -10-50 degrees
  • Channel: CH1-CH10
  • LED Lamp Bead Safe Temperature: less than 70℃
  • Product Dimension: 11.6x7.1x4.92inches/29.5x18x12.5cm
  • Weight: 6.92lb/3.14kg



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