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Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

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Compatible Devices and Recommended Adapters:

7.5W Charging Mode: Using QC2.0 / QC3.0 adapter


5W Standard Charging Mode: Using 5V, 2A Adapter

It works with AirPods 2nd Gen (with wireless charging case) and AirPods Pro. Both top and bottom have a rubber ring which help keep your AirPods in place and prevent slippage. Intelligent temperature control system means both your AirPods and the wireless charger will not overheat and charge more efficiently.

Superior Safety

Compatible with all Qi-enabled phones. Made from ABS material, which is fire-resistant.

Efficient USB-C Plug

Follows the latest trend of USB interface, upgrading traditional USB-Micro plug to newest USB-C plug, which is reversible to plug and supports faster & more stablepower input, charging your device with high efficiency.


The charging pad provides temperature control, surge protection, and short-circuit prevention to keep your phone safe and extend its battery life.


Works with rubber, plastic, and TPU cases up to 4mm thick. NOTE: Cases made of metal and attachments such as pop socket, metal ring, magnets, cards, and grips may interfere with charging. For best results, remove case or attachment before placing device on the pad.


The LED light will turn off after 15 seconds once it recognizes your phone is charging. If charging is not successful, it will blink to notify you.


Easy to Use

Just place your phone on the wireless charger, no more need to plug and unplug. The pad has a big charging areaso no need to worry about not charging your device.



Care Instructions

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